Air Force Museum of Alberta

Zebulon Leigh

"His continuing efforts to maintain the highest standards of airmanship for himself and those under his command, and his total dedication to purpose in every aeronautical arena, despite adversity, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Omer Lévesque

Omer Lévesque of Mont Joli, Quebec, destroyed 4 enemy aircraft while he served with No. 401 Squadron during the Second World War.

Alexander Lilly

"The application of his superior skills in Test Flying, leading to vital improvements in many aircraft during war and peace, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

William Longhurst

William Longhurst served in Ferry Command during the Second World War, and afterwards became a successful test pilot for Canadair.

Elizabeth MacGill

"Her contribution to Canadian and international design and engineering, her high honours, her resolve that led her to the top of her profession, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Donald MacLaren

"His exceptional success as a wartime aviator in the cause of peace, coupled with a succession of civil pioneering achievements as a first generation bush pilot and his dedication to purpose in fostering the growth of the Air Cadet League of Canada, despite adversity, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Kenneth Maclure

“Through his superior intellect and his devotion to duty, his accomplishments as a high latitude researcher and development of a practical polar grid navigation system, he has made a superb contribution to aviation in Canada’s polar regions and safer worldwide air transport operations.”

Paul Manson

General Manson served as Chief of the Defence Staff from 1986 to 1989, culminating a distinguished 38-year career with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Forces.

Wilfred May

"The continued offering of his aeronautical brilliance in the cruellest geographic arenas, his total dedication to the cause of uniting people through air transport, and his numerous and humane contributions, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Fred McCall

"His exquisite mastery of primitive military aeronautics and his dedication to opening new routes of air travel through mountainous areas, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Donald McClure

"His outstanding dedication to the advancement of flight training, coupled with his tireless efforts to teach and inspire the youth of Canada through the Air Cadet League, have been of major benefit to Canadians.“

John McCurdy

"The dedication of his engineering talents to the development of manned flight was a prime factor in the birth of North America's aviation industry and has proven to be of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Daniel McIvor

"His pioneering vision and unswerving determination to fight forest fires from the air, preventing untold loss of property and lives, have been of substantial benefit to Canadians.“

Alan McLeod

"His winning of the Victoria Cross in aerial combat is regarded as one of the most outstanding contributions to Canadian aviation."

Robert McNair

"His leadership, courage, dedication and his indomitable will to survive were manifestations of his contribution to Canadian aviation.”

George McConachie

"His dedication to purpose bridged all barriers, linking this continent with others and resulting in outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Lawrence Milberry

“As one of Canada’s foremost aviation historians and one of the most successful and influential publishers of Canadian aviation history, he has made a significant and prodigious contribution to the recording of Canada’s aviation history, meticulously documenting with photographs the role that aviation has played in the development of Canada.”

Hartland Molson

With the onset of the Second World War, Molson became a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and served in England with the No.1 Fighter Squadron.

Andrew Mynarski

Andrew Mynarski was educated at Winnipeg, Manitoba and later employed as a leather worker. He enlisted in the Winnipeg Rifles in 1940 and transferred to the RCAF the following year.

William Newson

"His lifetime dedication to aviation in both war and peace, particularly his outstanding effort to preserve and present the human aspects of aviation for the purpose of increasing public knowledge and appreciation for Canada's aviation heritage has been of considerable benefit to Canadian aviation and to the nation.“

Keith Mitchell

On November 12, 1996, Keith Mitchell jumped out of the relative safety of his Hercules aircraft into the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Harold Oaks

"The professional daring of his aerial expeditions into uncharted regions, led others of his breed to colonize the unknown north and bring outstanding benefits to Canadian aviation."

Marion Orr

"Her firm dedication to aviation from youth, her ability to impart knowledge and encouragement to students and her determination to succeed, have all been of benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Julie Payette

In preparation for a space mission assignment, Ms. Payette obtained her commercial pilot license, studied Russian and logged 120 hours as a research operator on board reduced gravity aircraft.

John Palmer

"His pioneering work in the use of air to ground wireless, his piloting the first international air mail run and his continued dedication to instructing others to fly have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

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