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Stories about famous aircraft flown by the RCAF over the last 100 years.

Return of an iconic RCAF fighter to Alberta

by Gary Watson

On October 2, 1962, Canadair Model CL-90 made its first flight from the Cartierville airport, near Montreal. Four test flights later, on July 22, 1963, the aircraft was Taken On Strength (TOS) by the RCAF as CF-104 12846.

This was the 146th of 200 single-seat fighter aircraft built for the RCAF. The CF-104 was to be Canada’s contribution to supporting NATO operations in Europe to counteract the growing Soviet Union buildup of aircraft on the east side of the Iron Curtain.

Short Sunderland - The Flying Porcupine

by Don Norrie

In the early days of the Second World War, Nazi submarines were wreaking havoc on the convoys of ships carrying supplies and personnel from North America to the United Kingdom.

CF-5 Freedom Fighter

The CF-5 Freedom Fighter was designed in the mid-1950s as a lightweight, well-armed, inexpensive supersonic fighter.

Canada's CF-18 Hornet

Canada’s fighter force and the supersonic CF-18 Hornet play a significant role in NORAD to help protect and safeguard North American skies against airborne threats.

Canadair F-86 Sabre

The Canadair Sabre Jet was the mainstay of the RCAF and NATO forces during the early years of the Cold War, helping to counter the air threats from Soviet fighters behind the Iron Curtain. 

CF-104 Flight Operations

Flight operations usually started at 6 AM and the last aircraft would be refuelled, repaired, and inspected by 10 PM each night. Some days a team would do 12 starts and recoveries with very little time in between. 

CF-100 Canuck

The Avro CF-100 “Canuck” was the largest and most successful aircraft project ever undertaken and completed by the Canadian aviation industry. 

CF-101 Voodoo

The CF-101 Voodoo was an all-weather interceptor aircraft that served in an air defence role between 1961 and 1984.  

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