Air Force Museum of Alberta
F18 Hornet

The Air Force Museum of Alberta is home to the Cold War Exhibit housed in a pair of replica Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) on the grounds of The Military Museums in Calgary, Alberta.

Inside the hangars are a CF-18 Hornet, a CF-104 Starfighter, and an F-86 Sabre Jet fighter. The hangars and the Cold War Era fighters are part of an exhibit that describes the history of the Cold War and Canada's contribution to NORAD and NATO. The exhibit also pays tribute to the many Canadians who stood ready to defend Canada throughout the Cold War.

Cold War Video

Buster Bear explains the Cold War in a light-hearted video for kids of all ages.

Cold War Memorial

The Cold War Memorial contains the names of all members of the Royal Canadian Air Force who gave their lives while on duty during the Cold War.

Guide to the Cold War Memorial

The Cold War Memorial commemorates over 900 members of Canada's Air Force who died during the Cold War between 1949 and 1989. The primary feature of the Memorial is a searchable database that includes an alphabetical listing of every individual, along with their Name, Rank, Awards, Squadron/Unit, Event, Cemetery, Date of Death and Age.

Navigating the Memorial

At the top of the Memorial page is a Alphabetical list of letter links. Clicking on one of these letters will display all the surnames that start with that letter. The Search field can also be used to enter specific names, such as firstnames or lastnames. For best results use single words with no blank spaces. Click Reset to restore the display.

Rank and Awards

The listing also includes abbreviations of Ranks and Awards used in the Memorial. For convenience the full description of each abbreviation is included below.


  • AFC: Air Force Cross
  • CD: Canadian Forces' Decoration
  • DFC: Distinguished Flying Cross
  • DFM: Distinguished Flying Medal
  • DSO: Distinguished Service Order
  • GM: George Medal
  • MC: Military Cross
  • OBE: Order of the British Empire


  • AC1: Aircraftman 1st Class
  • AC2: Aircraftman 2nd Class
  • Air Cdre: Air Commodore
  • AVM: Air Vice Marshall
  • Capt: Captain
  • Col: Colonel
  • Cpl: Corporal
  • F/C: Flight Cadet
  • F/L: Flight Lieutenant
  • F/Sgt: Flight Sergeant
  • F/O: Flying Officer
  • G/C: Group Captain
  • LAC: Leading Aircraftman
  • Lt: Lieutenant


  • LCol: Lieutenant Colonel
  • 2Lt: Second Lieutenant
  • S/Lt: Sub-Lieutenant
  • Maj: Major
  • MCpl: Master Corporal
  • MWO: Master Warrant Officer
  • OCdt: Officer Cadet
  • P/O: Pilot Officer
  • Pte: Private
  • Sgt: Sergeant
  • S/L: Squadron Leader
  • WO: Warrant Officer
  • WO1: Warrant Officer Class1
  • W/C: Wing Commander

Cold War Memorial

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