Air Force Museum of Alberta

Frederick Baldwin

"The dedication of his engineering talents to the development of manned flight was a prime factor in the birth of the North American aviation industry and has proven to be of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

Russell Bannock

"His inspiring leadership as an instructor and fighter pilot in World War Two, his unusual skills as a test pilot, and his corporate business leadership have all been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

William Barker

"His winning of the Victoria Cross in aerial combat must be regarded as one of the most outstanding contributions possible to Canadian aviation."

Ian Bazalgette

Ian Bazalgette became a member of the Royal Air Force in 1941 when he completed his training as a bomber pilot.

Laurent Beaudoin

Under his distinguished leadership, Bombardier Aerospace has become one of the world’s largest civilian aircraft manufacturer.

Alexander Graham Bell

"The brilliance of his intellect, applied without reserve to the mystery of manned flight, was a prime factor in the birth of North America's aviation industry and has proven to be of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

George Beurling

"The brilliance of his air fighting tactics, performed in a self-imposed area of loneliness within a structured, military command, recall earlier wartime standards of heroic personal determination and have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Leonard Birchall

"His complete dedication, in unbroken military service of over six decades, has inspired untold thousands of Canadian youth."

William Bishop

William Avery Bishop was one of Canada's most successful fighter pilot during the First World War.

Roberta Bondar

In 1984, Roberta Bondar was one of the six original Canadian astronauts selected to train at NASA.

Gilbert Boulanger

Accepted for pilot training, he chose however the shorter air gunner course, fearing he would miss the war.

Robert Bradford

"With enthusiasm, leadership and consummate dedication and outstanding knowledge of aviation history, he realized a vision for a national consciousness of Canada's aviation heritage, so that all Canadians may enjoy and benefit from this well-preserved heritage for generations to come."

Wilfred Brintnell

"The dedication of his exceptional skills as both airman and operations manager during the inception of this nation's commercial flight operations and airmail services, his pioneer flights across unmapped territories and his self-set standards for perfection that fostered the highest operational standards within those under his command, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.”

William Carr

"His achievements in both military and civil aviation, along with his proven leadership and organizational abilities, have been of outstanding benefit to Canada."

James Chamberlin

"His engineering genius, technical direction and leadership have been of significant benefit to Canada. Further, his contributions to the United States space programs have given much credit to his home country of Canada.“

Dr. Wendy Clay

Dr. Wendy Clay, a doctor, qualified for her pilot's wings in 1974, six years before the pilot classification is opened to all women.

Raymond Collishaw

"No airman has served on more enemy fronts with greater distinction, and his indomitable spirit, despite adversity, gave such leadership to those under his command, as to have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Michelle Colton

Michelle Colton was one of the first women in Canada to train as a military pilot.

Wilfred Curtis

"His exceptional abilities in aircraft design and development together with his outstanding personal leadership qualities have all been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Paul Davoud

"The application of his exceptional skills as a pilot in peace and war and as an outstanding leader in military and civil aviation have been of superior benefit to Canadian aviation."

Clennell Dickins

"Despite adversity, he dramatized to the world the value of the bush plane, and his total contribution to the brilliance of Canada's air age can be measured not only by the regard in which he is held by his peers, but by the nation as a whole.”

Paul Dilworth

"His constant search for perfection in all of his aeronautical endeavours and his pioneering leadership in the field of aero-engineering development have been of lasting benefit to Canadian aviation.“

André Dumas

André O. Dumas became interested in aviation at a very young age, and attended the arrival of the first dirigible R-100 to Saint Hubert in 1930 while he was only 7 years old.

Clarence Dunlap

"His distinguished career as a military aviator in war and in peace time, demonstrating extraordinary skill and leadership in a lifetime of achievement, have earned the respect of his peers and brought great credit to his nation."

James Edwards

James “Stocky” Edwards was a triple ace in WWII, and one of the RCAF's top fighter pilots.

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