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A collection of personal and historical artefacts from the collection of the Air Force Museum of Alberta.

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Artefact Description
AF2017.013.004 - 1  Sweetheart Bracelet

A custom RCAF sweetheart bracelet. Features a locket on a gold chain. On the locket is the RCAF crest, King's Crown. Excellent …


AF2020.015.030 - 1  Silver Cross - L.B. Thistle

A Second World War Silver Cross. Awarded to "F.L. L.B. Thistle J10874". Missing ribbon. Includes original box. Good condition. …


AF2017.049.003 - 1  Mug

Commemorative War College white porcelain mug. The crest of the College is painted on the side in gold. Made in Ohio. Excellent …


AF2007.012.020 - 1  Metal Worker Trade Badge

Second World War Metal Worker trade badge. Made from blue thread and fabric. Excellent condition.


AF2017.009.003 - 1  Luftwaffe Binoculars

Luftwaffe binoculars. Tan colour with leather neck strap. Stamped on the metal: Dienstglas 6x30 344779 ddx. Taken from a …


AF2010.051.052 - 1  Housewife Kit

Housewife kit, 1941. Contains thread, yarn, buttons, pins, needles, cube of wax, and 'Canada' shoulder flashes. Second World …


AF2012 - 1  Flight Helmet

First World War leather flight helmet. Made of brown leather, buttons, and silver buckles. Lined with fabric and fur. Face …


AF2010.027.025 - 1  Cufflinks

RCAF customized cufflinks in a Peoples jewelry box. The cufflinks have the Royal Canadian Air Cadet crest. Made of silver. …


AF2016.026.034 - 1  Cloak Clasp

Brass cloak clasp featuring lion heads. Excellent condition.


AF2018.040.001 - 1  Cigarette Case

First World War custom silver cigarette case. Features the RAF logo with King's Crown. Silver case with a chain. Belonged …


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