Membership Page

'The Air Force Museum Society of Alberta is an equal partner in the new tri-service museum The Military Museums of Calgary on Crowchild Trail.

The chairman and the board of directors of the AFMSA are working diligently to ensure an Air Force presence in the new facility and are determined to preserve the fine history of the people of the Royal Canadian Air Force, its predecessors and its successors.

To accomplish this, the stories of the men and women who served their country in the Air Force are emphasized as told through the collection of artifacts, library and archives that are currently on display in the new Air Force museum. The artifacts include displays, minitheatres with a variety of films being shown and numerous written panels depicting the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Many artifacts are continuously being added to the collection including , in the coming  months, a CF-18 aircraft.

Now over one hundred and thirty members strong, the AFMSA needs your help. You can show your support by becoming a member of the Society. Membership dues are $20.00 per year or a five year membership for only $80.00. Membership can be obtained on line or by mail as detailed on the right side of this page. Members are kept abreast of museum happenings through our annual general meeting and via periodic newsletters. Answers to any questions you may have will be provided by contacting us at or telephone 403-410-2340 Ext 2660 (Museum) or 403-410-2340 Ext 2661 (Curator).