Tiger Moth Compass with Case

  • Tiger Moth Compass with Case
  • Compass 2

Tiger Moth Compass with Case, 1943

This is a fine example of the compasses used in the de Havilland Tiger Moth, one of the predominant training aircraft used during the Second World War in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Uniquely, it still retains the alcohol that keeps the compass disc afloat; this has either dried or spilled out of most extant examples.

Donated by John Stewart. Mr. Stewart served as a RCAF metal worker at #5 OUT (Operational Training Unit) in Boundary Bay, British Columbia. He joined the Air Force in 1942.

One Hundred Franc Note

  • One Hundred Franc Note A
  • One Hundred Franc Note B

One Hundred Franc Note, 1936

French money was supplied to Allied aircrew during the Second World War in the event that they were shot down over Europe.

Donated by Charles Davies.

Silk Escape Map

  • Silk Escape Map A
  • Silk Escape Map  2

Silk Escape Map - Italy, Mediterranean, and Swiss Border, 1940s

Airmen were issued with these maps to assist them in evading capture if they were shot down or forced to bail out over enemy territory.

Donated by Charles Davies.

Tilly Hat

  • Tilly Hat 1
  • Tilly Hat 2

AF2010Tilly Hat - Desert Cats, 1990

This tilly hat belonged to Don Matthews, Commanding Officer of the Desert Cats. During the Gulf War, this fighter squadron was formed from 439 and 416 Squadron, consisting of twenty six aircraft and three hundred personnel. "Fang," written inside the hat, refers to Matthews' callsign.